approximately 70% of job openings are filled through colleagues, professional contacts, familly or friends


Users of professional social networks have an average of 750 first level connections

We leverage the viral power of social networks and change the way recruiters and talents find eachother!

No more publishing on several job boards, no more searching for hours in CV databases or on professional networks!

These processes are lengthy and often produce mediocre match results. Thanks to tellnspread, jobs will appear directly on social networks' "news feeds".

We brought a Third Party in who help recruiters meet new talents. Our matching algorithm do the rest.

Who is this Third Party? We call them our Social Linkers, and everyone can become one of us!

All they need is an account on one or several social networks so that they can share job ads on these social networks.

And why are they so motivated? They have a chance to earn significant money on each hire that came through their networks.

It's a win-win system to speed up the connection between Recruiters and Talents all around Europe

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  • Joining is free
  • Save time and money by sourcing qualified candidates through our Social Linkers’ networks
  • Invite your employees to the hunt! We comply to your internal referral rules/li>
  • Find candidates you wouldn't have found elsewhere and monitor your applicants online from any devices
  • Pay NOTHING until you’ve hired your perfect candidate!
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  • Joining is free
  • Grow your spreaders' community by inviting your network or by sharing job ads on your social networks
  • Be a recruiter or a candidate at the same time
  • Track your impact on your networks in real time!
  • Monitor how close you are to earn a reward
  • Help your network to find new jobs and earn money from it
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  • Joining is free
  • Find job postings you couldn't find anywhere else
  • Find job postings that are a perfect match with your qualifications
  • You can also become a Social Linker
  • Always know where you are in the selection process – no more throwing your applications out into the void and never hearing from anyone again
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